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Image Source: Crystal Kells/ Kells Natural Photography When I asked Kells for clarification on this note, she responded candidly: “I won’t lie and say I’m versed in everything transgender and what is politically correct, but I’m working on it. I can totally see how what we are teaching him can seem stereotypical, but it’s what is working best for all of us at this stage of his understanding and development. There is no intent to offend anyone with it. It makes no difference to us on whether or not he discovers he is trans, gay, [or] straight. We’re going to love him regardless and support him the best way. The main reason for my choices with the descriptions I chose to use in my blog post, is I’ve discovered we fall victim to stereotyping from the opposite side as well. Because he chooses to wear dresses, well then he must be gay or transgender. This is not the case and I wanted to make that clear in what I said.” And that’s absolutely true — not all gender creative kids are transgender; some are, most are not. It doesn’t matter, though. All kids deserve to live in a world where their likes and dislikes and gender expression has nothing to do with their biological sex. And most importantly those kids deserve to be loved and supported without the being judged through the lens of ignorance and outdated ideas on what it means to be a boy or a girl .

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