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Historians say they have found evidence of only two pendants of the kind. The small triangular pendant is engraved on one side with the words "Mazal Tov" (congratulations) in Hebrew, alongside Cohn's date of birth and the name of her home city - Frankfurt. On the reverse is the Hebrew letter "Hay", often used to represent a name of God, surrounded by three Stars of David. Researchers are now trying to discover from any remaining relatives whether the two girls could have been related. Image copyright IAA Image caption On the reverse is the Hebrew character for God and three Stars of David Yad Vashem is working alongside the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) to excavate parts of the former death camp at Sobibor. The pendant was found at what is believed to be the location where victims undressed and had their heads shaved before being sent into the gas chambers. Yad Vashem said the items recovered, which also included a Star of David necklace and a woman's watch, probably fell through the floorboards and remained buried. Image copyright Yoram Haimi/IAA Cohn was born in Frankfurt on 3 July 1929. She was deported from the city on 11 November 1941 to the Minsk ghetto. The ghetto was liquidated in September 1943 and Cohn may have been among some 2,000 of its residents sent to Sobibor, where the pendant lay concealed for more than ร้าน ครีมลดริ้วรอย ขายส่ง 70 years. Records show that Frank owned a nearly identical pendant, differing only in the date of birth engraved on one side.

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I was always intrigued by the process and in being involved either behind or in front of the camera, but I only recently started seriously thinking about it properly, Law, who revealed her favorite model is Kate Moss (as well as her godmother!) said. Although the model is fronting a major lipstick campaign, the 16-year-old admits before landing this gig, wearing color on her lips wasnt really her thing. Before I shot the Burberry Liquid Lip Velvet campaign, I usually refrained from using lip colours because I struggled to get a neat finish and well-shaped, so it would often end up looking smudged, she said. But I found Liquid Lip Velvet easy to use and it has definitely made me love using lip colours. When it comes to the rest of her makeup, Law prefers to keep things pretty low-key. My everyday look is a light coverage, mascara, blusher, lip balm or liquid lip colour in a nude shade, she said. To keep with her simple makeup style, the model sticks to her one ultimate beauty rule so she never looks overdone. I dont do lipstick and eye shadow at the same time, usually, as I try not to look too done,' Law said. Also, I avoid heavy make-up with too much coverage, as I like to keep my skin looking glowy and dewy. And the star, who seems ready to take over the modeling scene, admits she is one to already love indulging in a spa treatment or two as a skin refresher. Ive always found the thing that works best for me is the blue light facials, Law said. I think they make the most difference and the results usually last longest. What do you think about Iris big Burberry campaign?

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