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Robots are becoming more common as they move out of factories and into everyday life, but due to their fixed structures, they only have a limited range of things that each can do. A robotic vacuum cleaner can pick up pet hair, but it can't flip burgers . A robotic burger flipper can make a cheeseburger, but it can't deliver a package . To extend the capabilities of individual robots, the CSAIL team took a page out of the notebook of the fictional inventor Tony Stark, who can swap out his Iron Man armors to suit whatever villain he's fighting that day. Like Iron Man, CSAIL's small-scale "superhero" robot uses a series of exoskeletons to fit the task at hand, though without the billionaire wisecracks. The core of the origami-inspired system is the Primer robot, which is a cubical robot that is controlled by magnets and can move about by shaking and buzzing. To carry out more complex tasks, including walking, rolling, sailing, or gliding, the Primer can hop onto a flat sheet of plastic that folds into specific shapes when heated, providing the Primer with a self-donning robotic wardrobe. When finished with its job, the Primer can then hop into a dish of water to dissolve the exoskeleton. Currently, the Primer has the following exoskeletons on hand, Walk-bot, which allows the Primer to walk about Wheel-bot that allows Primer to move about twice as fast as the Walk-bot Boat-bot, which can float on water and carry a payload twice its weight Glider-bot that allows the Primer to, well, glide through the air According to the CSAIL team, the Primer can even wear several exosuits at once, like the Walk-bot combined with a larger, faster exosketon for moving large loads, or combined with the Boat-bot to cross bodies of water. As with the Primer, adding the second skeleton is simply a case of sitting on the plastic sheet and waiting for it to fold itself on.

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Hong Kong UK 'concerned' as Hong Kong denies Benedict Rogers entry These are external links and will open in a new window Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has said he is "very concerned" after a British human rights activist was denied entry to Hong Kong. Benedict Rogers has been a vocal critic of Chinese-ruled Hong Kong's human rights record. Mr Johnson said he would seek an "urgent explanation" from the Hong Kong authorities and the Chinese government. Mr Rogers told Reuters he was not given a reason for being denied entry and was escorted on a flight back to Bangkok. He is co-founder of the Conservative Party's Human Rights Commission. Mr Johnson said: "I am very concerned that a UK national has been denied entry to Hong Kong. "The British government will be seeking an urgent explanation from the Hong Kong authorities and from the Chinese government. "Hong Kong's high degree of autonomy, and its rights and freedoms, are central to its way of life and should be fully respected." The city was handed back from British to Chinese rule in 1997. Beijing agreed to govern it under "one country, two systems", granting the city its own legal system, limited democracy with multiple political parties and rights such as freedom of assembly and free speech. But China's growing influence has been met with unease and concerns that the mainland could undermine Hong Kong's more politically liberal traditions. Activists have been campaigning for years for Hong Kong to have more political freedom.

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