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The coming-of-age drama "Dear Zindagi" (Dear Life) tells the story of a young cinematographer who grapples with commitment issues and insomnia. She decides to see a therapist who links her present troubles as well as her frosty relationship with her parents to unresolved childhood issues. Seeking medical help for psychological issues is still largely taboo in India. Many equate mental illness with madness, and the country has a high suicide rate attributed to depression and anxiety. Describing "Dear Zindagi" as a "smart film that shines a spotlight on mental health", prominent news portal The Wire praises it for asking uncomfortable questions. "There's a reason we don't talk about mental health, because we don't like to talk about ourselves, our inner fears and desires. We like to be accepted and liked and loved," Tanul Thakur says in the article. Film critic Anupama Chopra writes in the Hindustan Times newspaper that the feature "bravely tries to ease the stigma around mental health" and "this is an important conversation to have". The film has also been welcomed by the medical profession. "A mainstream Hindi movie describing the key stages in psychotherapy, in a relatively non-cliched manner, is novel and necessary in today's mental health dialogue", clinical psychologist Hansika Kapoor tells the Firstpost website .

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Take precautions to ensure you are heating your home safely. Fire safety tips: Make sure you have a working smoke alarm in every room. Test them at least once a month and change the batteries twice a year. Use only portable heating equipment that is approved for indoor use. Space heaters are temporary heating devices and should only be used for a limited time each day. Keep combustible materials, including furniture, drapes, and carpeting at least three feet away from the heat source. Never drape clothes over a space heater to dry them. Never leave running space heaters unattended, especially around children. Always keep an eye on heating equipment.

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