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g form armor for snow sports first impressions  our take The ground was soft thanks to the foot of new snow at Powder Mountain, but the trees werent as kind, providing for a nice test case for the shoulder armor. There was some soreness after the impact, but it would have been much worse without the armor. The armor will flex with your body while youre wearing it, but becomes both hard and ชุดนอนซีทรู shock-absorbing in a fall or collision. There are many options for armor, but the real differentiating factor between G-Forms offerings and foam or hard pads is how well does it perform the vast majority of the time when its not taking hits on your behalf. In our mind, the real test is how well the armor stays in place and whether or not it hinders your movements or is uncomfortable to wear. Our pads are specifically molded for each joint, adds Taylor. While some might use one pad size for everyone, we scale our pads based the joint geometry of each size. In addition, our pads are directly sewn to our sleeves, shirts and shorts, which provide comfort and fit that removable pads cant match. Proper fit is essential for armor to stay in place, especially in sports where the wearer is constantly in motion. If armor is too bulky to fit over your mid and outer layers, or is uncomfortable, no one is going to want to wear them. Thankfully, the G-Form pieces are low-profile and comfortable. Compared to the impact gear of yesteryear, properly fitting G-Form armor base layers are almost unnoticeable.

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