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Kindly allow me to give one clear example. Many parents happily post images of their children on social media on Facebook and Twitter or use their childs image as a profile image on WhatsApp or WeChat, etc. This provides a rich source of images of children for paedophiles to access and use. One Australian study found that 50% of all images used by websites frequented and maintained by paedophiles came from social media sites. I see a significant number of my paediatric colleagues, who should know better (having seen numerous child abuse cases), also behaving in the same unsafe way. As Malaysians we are offering paedophiles a supermarket of our childrens images to browse and access. Paedophiles are not simply interested in pictures of naked children but also get aroused by pictures of cute children, even those fully clothed. These images are then re-posted on paedophile websites and shared with other perverts, some of whom will masturbate while looking at our children (horrible just thinking of it). The biggest danger will of course be the hard-core individuals who will use this easy access to identify children to target for actual physical contact and sexual abuse. This is easy given the largely unlimited access many parents give children to social media via their handphones and internet access. One study we did at CRC Perak, of Malaysian two-year-olds in 2015, showed that more that 60% had unsupervised access to the internet via handphones or tablets; older children have even greater access.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.msn.com/en-my/news/other/are-parents-inadvertently-supporting-paedophiles/ar-AAlMw2Q?li=BBr8Mk9

Becky Allmeroth, a state maintenance engineer for the Missouri Department of Transportation, said ice is "the most difficult storm to fight." "We are keeping up with the changing conditions, but it is a continual battle," she said of the department's around-the-clock scrambling to treat the glazed roads. "The precipitation is coming in waves, and we have to apply more salt." Icy roads Saturday created dangerous conditions and travel headaches for many people who avoided authorities' pleas to stay indoors except for necessary outings. Interstate 40 in western Oklahoma was closed in two places because of wrecks, including the jackknifing of several semitrailers in icy conditions in Caddo County. And along an icy part of I-40 in Custer County, a 45-year-old Oklahoma City man died after his semitrailer struck two others early Saturday and then was hit by a car. The patrol is investigating the wreck. Saturday's storm followed one Friday that dumped freezing rain from Oklahoma to southern Illinois. A slick roadway was suspected in a Missouri wreck Friday that killed a 33-year-old woman whose sport utility vehicle slid on an icy freeway overpass south of St. Louis and struck several trees. Later Friday, icy conditions were blamed for a pileup involving more than 20 vehicles in Wichita, Kansas, but no serious injuries were reported.

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