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And there are some pretty badass women leading the charge: Female scientists Caroline Weinberg and Valorie V. Aquino are two of the organizers behind the global protest, while microbiologist Heidi Arjes is knitting her own science resistor hats, inspired by the pink pussy hats worn at the Womens March in January. (Arjes posted her knitting patterns for free online .) Theres even a March for Science knitting group on Facebook with over 2,000 members. But science, and the love of it, doesn't begin and end with Earth Day. There are some great causes you can donate to support the purpose of the march , and here are some fun, apolitical things you can buy right now to let your geek flag fly all year round. View photos Sensoree Mood Sweater , price TBD More An LED Sweater That Reflects Your Mood The high-tech fashion company Sensoree has officially opened the waiting list for its new bioresponsive mood sweater . This soft cowl neck sweater uses LED lights to reflect the wearers emotion through colors, ranging from excited pink to calm azure. The fabric is made from recycled plastic bottles and has a rechargeable battery with a micro USB. This is like if your favorite mood ring from the 90s and a high-tech body sensor had a ethereal-yet-comfy sweater lovechild. View photos More Dresses for Astronomy Nerds and Women Who Love to Code California Etsy entrepreneur Holly Renee launched her brand Shenova with a line of unique, science-themed dresses. Two that work great for the office are the Dark Matter , for astronomy geeks, and the little black Code Poetry dress, for chic programmers.

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The ex-PM told the BBC that Brexit was a bigger issue than party allegiance in the upcoming general election. Although the Tories were likely to win, he said a strong Labour performance would constrain Theresa May and stop her from doing whatever she wanted. Labour's ex-leader has been accused of wanting to overturn the EU referendum. Mr Blair stepped down from frontline politics in 2007 but has become more politically active in recent months, setting up a think tank in London to make the case for the centre ground and for continued EU membership. He told the BBC that the opinion polls suggested the Conservatives were on course for a landslide victory and he "wasn't totally sure" what Labour's position was on Brexit. 'Know where they stand' Speaking to Radio 4's World This Weekend, he said that voters need to know where candidates stood on Brexit and that Theresa May was pursuing an "unreasonable policy" that was driven by the right wing of her party. He said: "The point is whether I'm Labour or I'm not Labour - even if there's Conservatives or Liberal Democrats - I will work with anyone to get this argument across in the country." He pledged to put pressure on candidates in each constituency to force them to declare where they stood on the mandate Mrs May should have when negotiating the terms of Britain's exit from the เสื้อผ้าวัยกลางคน สีดํา EU. And he said he was supporting a campaign, also backed by anti-Brexit campaigner Gina Miller, to fund candidates who want to see another, "final" vote on the exit deal. Mr Blair said he feared that winning a large majority would effectively hand Theresa May "a blank cheque for Brexit at any costs", which was not in the interests of the country. Although he has ruled out standing for Parliament again after an absence of 10 years, Mr Blair said he felt so passionate about Brexit that he was almost tempted to return to British politics.

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