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chocolate egg "The food becomes premium by virtue of via being imported. There is an element of snob value in certain markets," he says. Image copyright Amar Gill Image caption Hong Kong-based Sharan Gill always buys imported eggs for her daughters Eysha and Elyna Particularly in Asia, he says, customers are keen to have "something a little bit different or a bit more exclusive" such as a foreign brand. But he says many of its customers also have an international outlook, with second homes in the UK, for example, and a genuine affection for British food. Sharan Gill, who lives in Hong Kong, says she always buys imported chocolate eggs for her children at Easter. "It's a tradition amongst my friends too, both Western and Asian. I spend between 100 to 150 Hong Kong dollars (10-15; $13-$19) on chocolates for the annual Easter egg hunt, which my kids thoroughly enjoy. "Easter seems to be a growing trend, partly because clubs and restaurants promote it extensively. "Plus Hong Kong has a large expat community, a large proportion of which consists of Westerners, for whom Easter is an established tradition.

A total of 896 stores disappeared from Great Britain s town centres in 2016, the biggest decline since 2012 as openings outstripped closures. Store closures increased from 14 to 15 per day on average, while openings fell to a record low of 12 per day in the face of market uncertainty surrounding the referendum vote. The research clearly highlights the changing face of town centres - leisure and experience destinations continue to replace traditional high street stalwarts, said Mike Jervis, retail specialist at PwC. The insatiable appetite for fast food and coffee shops fills the void left by banks, mobile phone and clothing shops, he added. Mr Jervis said that fashion sales are migrating online at a faster rate than ever, leaving shop closures in its wake. Madeleine Thomson, retail and consumer leader at PwC said: 2017 will be a crucial year for retailers. The combination of price inflation on goods and groceries will mean that brand loyalty will play a more significant role than ever. Retailers will need to be increasingly versatile and savvy to attract shoppers who face a squeeze on disposable income in the year ahead, Ms Thomson said. Despite the closures, Ms Thomson said consumers continue to place value on the in-store experience, with the most important attribute being shop staff with a deep knowledge of products they sell. Greater London saw the biggest loss of stores in 2016 with 232 closures, followed by South East with 181 and Scotland with 112. The East of England was the only region to experience a rise of 2, driven by the new Bond Street development in Chelmsford.

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